Mystery Jets, “Dreaming of Another World” (Wooden Shjips Remix) MP3

Because Wooden Shjips apparently just can’t stop remixing other artists, they’re following up their unexpected remix of LCD Soundsystem’s “Drunk Girls” with a remix of Mystery Jets‘ “Dreaming of Another World.” Although both versions feature the same driving fuzzed out riff, WS submerge their version in an insanely long, fried guitar solo. It’s like Mystery Jets wanted to make sure we knew what would happen if they took a bunch of drugs and got really dark for awhile. Both versions are good, it’s just that one makes us feel like we’re hanging out in Death Valley in a trailer with a really haggard dude who also happens to have a lot of wisdom. Guess which one!

Download: Mystery Jets, “Dreaming of Another World” (Wooden Shjips Remix)

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