Nike Sportswear x The FADER’s Pitch Perfect Mixtape #3: Australia by Canyons


As part one of Nike Sportswear and The FADER’s Pitch Perfect program, we will be posting six mixtapes featuring music from six continents (sorry, Antarctica). Each mixtape will include brand new artwork by Siggi Eggertsson, eventually available as limited edition screen-printed posters. Stay tuned for mixtapes from North America, Asia and Africa next week and check out Europe and South America at Pitch Perfect.

In the popular imagination, Australia is a rough and vast outback of brash, barbie-shrimping party animals with a penchant for big knives, big game and bigger surf. But in reality, it is—well, it is that. But it is also a place of big-hearted creativity, cutting edge technology, spectacular natural and man-made beauty, and the friendliest people you can imagine. Nowhere is that more evident than in this mix from Australia’s Canyons—a spacious and seamless journey through the outback of your mind. The DJ/production duo out of Perth have released singles and remixes on DFA, Modular and their very own Hole in the Sky Records, and create music across a startling breadth of styles, all represented here. Though the mixtape doesn’t include the sounds of the many beautiful islands that are loosely joined with Australia in the Oceania region, it does inspire a wild-eyed wanderlust to see what’s out there.

Download: Nike Sportswear x The FADER’s Pitch Perfect Mixtape #3: Australia by Canyons [right click, save as]

Avalanches, “Summer Crane”
POND, “Mussels Tonight?”
Bell Towers, “Scavengers”
Tame Impala, “The Bold Arrow of Time”
Canyons, “Blue Snakes”
Tortoiseshell, “This Girl”

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  1. cisse9 says:

    can anyone else not download these? when i press download now it just goes and plays it in another window

  2. Peter Macia says:

    CISSE! No more blonde hair or beard! All you have to do is right click on the link and ‘save as’ to your hard drive.


  3. Blinky Bill says:

    Nice one boys, good to see Canyons representing us

    Go Australia!

  4. Rahhhhger says:

    POND – fucking excellent :)

  5. carlos says:

    i’m sorry to disappoint you, but i have to tell australia is not a continent.

  6. Radio Raheem says:

    Avalanches at their abstract best… delete.

    and then into what?

    things start to pick up at about the 8 minute mark, but then kind of go nowhere…

    tame impala – painful.

    The Canyons track is excellent.

    and so is the tortoiseshell number.

    shame about the rest of it?

    oh well.


  7. Cam says:

    Such great music coming out of Australia at the moment, or should I say, out from HITS! I have been listening to this mix on repeat all week, really incredible stuff. Bring on Canyons album already!

  8. lisay says:

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  9. Rich says:

    anybody know where I could dig up that Bell Towers track????????

  10. Hole in the sky says:

    It’ll be out soon on hole in the Sky!

  11. Rich says: