RecognitioN f. Jazze Pha, "Last Song" (Remix) MP3

There's an on-going epidemic of people not slow dancing in clubs. RecognitioN has solved the problem simply by explicitly spelling it out for DJs, and the clubgoers guilty of this party travesty, just make it the last song. Since the downsizing of true clubs with true dancefloors in the past ten years or so, the likelihood of taking a home a guy or girl is left up to the oldest trick in the book— buying the object of your affection a super-stiff drink. It's a no brainer to think that the last song should be something you have absolutely no choice but to grind to. Today's age of songs with instructions seem to be the only way to get the message across, and RecognitionN's makes the most sense with the greatest payoff—baby making (POW!). Unfortunately the video to RecognitioN's anthem isn't available to embed here, but you can watch the clip by visiting their YouTube channel. Listen to the remix after the jump, then watch the making of the video.


Download: RecognitioN f. Jazze Pha, "Last Song" (Remix)

[The Hip-Hop Chronicles]

RecognitioN f. Jazze Pha, "Last Song" (Remix) MP3