Video: Nacho Lovers, “Deeper”

The song’s certainly a soother, Toronto’s Nacho Lovers delve into the sweetest house crevices for subtle soul, working the knobs with a light touch. It’s a really classic sound that transcends trend and shows how versatile the Lovers have gotten. However, it’s impossible for the video not to conjure thoughts of BP’s gulf disaster. On the positive side, maybe we can let its undersea beauty remind us what we’ll preserve if we chill out on the peak oil appetite. (via Discobelle)

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  1. wamsley says:

    /// very nice.

  2. Oil Crash says:

    I believe that Hubberts peak is true and that we are now past the point of peak oil. I believe many of the current events have to do with this fact and it won’t be long before the main stream media and population wake up and understand what is going on. For me and my family, we are preparing for the next era.