Premiere: 77Klash, “Shadow of Death” MP3


We’ve seen 77Klash traverse a diverse handful of artistic periods: exploring dubstep and digital dancehall with Dutty Artz and Drop the Lime, acting as neonized MC for Major Lazer and toasting at hyperspeed with his compatriot Jahdan Blakkamoore. But with “Shadow of Death,” the title track from his forthcoming EP of the same name out next week, the Brooklyn-via-Jamaica chameleon takes it in a direction we hadn’t predicted: on a detonating bass-qua-metal riddim bomb produced by Drop the Lime and AC Slater, Klash goes fully Mad Max, delivering a grim state of the union and driving all over the beat like a jury-rigged monster truck. This may be the first time we’ve ever felt like a string section was going to punch us in the face.

Download: 77Klash, “Shadow of Death”

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