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Lloyd Banks f. Lloyd, "Any Girl" MP3

When we heard Lloyd featuring Lloyd we were hoping that Lloyd (Polite Jr.) had cloned himself and was now singing on a track with said clone. We imagine a special private performance in Suite903 headquarters featuring both of them and then it got crazy. We totally forgot about Lloyd Banks (whoops!) We're trying to pin down where we've heard that those high pitched synths before. It's either the noise our Tamagotchis used to make when they were so hungry they were about to die OR our favorite setting on the Casio: space organ. What we're trying to say is: we're into it; we're into anything Lloyd really. It's becoming a small obsession we can't shake but how can you not love that soft rasp. He sounds at home in between heavy bass and the sound of a slot machine in a Mario video game. We're trying to come up with a list of more people we'd like to hear Lloyd collaborate with this summer. We'll get back to you with that ASAP. Of course The-Dream is on that list but we gotta spread our wings and get weird with it. Leave us some cool suggestions in the comments.

Download: Lloyd Banks f. Lloyd, "Any Girl"

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Lloyd Banks f. Lloyd, "Any Girl" MP3