Tank, "Sex Music" MP3

Tank looks like the kind of man that likes to take his time. When he appeared on the scene close to ten years ago, he was singing sweet ballads that probably earned him a storage closet full of women's underwear. It seems like he hasn't forgotten what he does best. The beat may say dance but Tank is making love and wants you to take it slow. After all this IS sex music. How happy are we to hear new Tank songs? Atlantic Records added him to their roster recently to distribute his next LP, Now or Never.

As happy as a kid who just discovered a land where it rains ice cream and smores. His voice stands out because its not prepubescent but the range is enough that he can give a sweet high note in falsetto here and there. Can we just point out there are a lot of titles with "Music" these days. After "Sex Music," Mattress Music, "Maybach Music" and Southernplayalisticcadillacmuzik, we are planning to drop a single called "Bathroom Music." Yea yea you almost thought of it too but you didn't! Let Tank tie you over until we can get that released.

Download: Tank, "Sex Music"


Tank, "Sex Music" MP3