The Strokes Play Real Live Show Together In London

Holy crap! We actually had to restrain ourselves to use only one exclamation point there. Keeping things in perspective, they played no new songs and our only real proof they don't hate each other is this three-minute video of "Last Nite" (courtesy of Zane Lowe). Sometimes it's OK to get carried away though. These dudes played an 18-song setlist under the name Venison that could easily pass for their greatest hits. Also, in those three dark minutes, they legit didn't seem to hate each other. Maybe they did and just settled it in the shadowy parts of the stage, but just let us have this one OK? Setlist below.

New York City Cops
The Modern Age
Hard to Explain
What Ever Happened?
You Only Live Once
Vision Of Division
I Cant Win
Is This It
Red Light
Last Nite
Under Control
Heart in a Cage
Take It or Leave It

(Via: P4K via NME)

The Strokes Play Real Live Show Together In London