Video: Cubic Zirconia f. Spoek Mathambo, “Black & Blue”

This video was shot in a single take while Cubic Zirconia was recording their debut album in Los Angeles a couple of months ago. It could be the cauldron vibes of “Black & Blue”‘s late-night house devil-raising, or it could be the haze of the light, but the clip could have been cut straight from one of the Dionysian party scenes from last season’s True Blood—the ominous prelude to a pulsing, frenzied rave-feast. (No, we didn’t haven’t watched last night’s premiere yet, so no spoilers please.) Fortunately, vocalist Tiombe Lockhart’s eyes don’t turn into scary oil-puddles while she’s vamping in the headlights, though we’re not sure she needs the curse of a maenad to get gluttonous. Find out tomorrow at the Dash Gallery in NYC, when Cubic Zirconia performs and celebrates the release of their Black & Blue EP with some of their friends and family, RSVP at

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