The-Dream "Ever Since" and "In Time" MP3

Whoa! The-Dream never fails to prove that he can actually do whatever he wants. Before being the mind-melting R&B artist with the illest sound since Kellz dropped that 12 Play, The-Dream is also pretty much one of the greatest song writers of our generation. So yes, these songs kinda sound like something that maybe some Disney/Nickelodeon kid would sing when they came out with their first album but you cant deny the "EH EH EH." We're into the acoustic backdrop of producer Tricky Stewart's "Ever Since" because his voice works so well with it and lyrics-wise it's still The-Dream. We love diversity! "Ever Since" has a toned down drum machine in the background to remind us that he does still enjoy some bass. "In Time" is just a snippet of a verse and chorus but sounds very much like something The-Dream would write for a certain young pop starlet whose career he blasted off with a song about precipitation paraphernalia. All we're saying is you cannot deny this guy's talent and if you can, we bet you could deny the sky is blue too.

Download: The-Dream, "Ever Since"

Download: The-Dream, "In Time"


The-Dream "Ever Since" and "In Time" MP3