Trey Songz, "Take You Home" MP3

It might be time to get Trey Songz neutered, dude. This guy has sex every minute of the day. He's making us look bad! I mean we get it: he's an R&B singer and his job is to romance the ladies right out of their intimates but my god the stamina! How does he do it? Steroids, Catuaba bark, cognac? We need answers! We're hoping he gives the secret away on his new album Passion, Pain and Pleasure which sounds like a long lost telenovela title. Should we expect dramatic tales of lovemaking for 1.5 hours? Maybe get a bottle of wine and run a bath before putting it on.

Mr. Songz is having a great year. His name is now synonymous with sex (duh, he invented it). Maybe he should change his name too Trop Sex, French for "too much sex." Haha just kidding! There's no such thing as too much sex when you're French. Trey are you French? That would explain it. Word has it that Timbaland produced the tune, which sounds like he's revisiting breezy summer classics like Jadakiss' "Nasty Girl" and Jigga's "Lobster and Scrimp." After the jump, try not to laugh when Trey says "I wanna smack like this" and starts clapping. We're giggling just thinking about it.

Download: Trey Songz, "Take You Home"

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Trey Songz, "Take You Home" MP3