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Video: Big Boi, "General Patton"


So, a little victory music is called for with Big Boi's new record "General Patton." Shortly after "Shutterbug" and "Lookin 4 Ya," Big Boi pounding his chest in on the more aggressive cut from Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty. The video's opener with Sleepy Brown's intro set the tone for Big Boi's heavy artillery. A couple of weeks ago, he addressed DJs on a Def Jam conference call saying this:

"The "General Patton" record was basically an album opener for me. It was produced by me and my homeboy J Beatz down at Stankonia Studios. It's just like a little reintroduction to let everybody know what's going on. I got "Shutterbug," that thing kind of took off and went to the other side of the fence. So I want to feed the streets, that's my litle street record that I got out... straight 808 bass."

Video: Big Boi, "General Patton"