Contest: Win a Nike Sportswear x Pitch Perfect South America Poster


The glory of all the Pitch Perfect mixtapes gets better. By now you’re enjoying all the virtual intangibles of great music, and a live streaming concert, so here’s a chance at some things you can enjoy in the flesh: an 18×24-sized poster (designed by Siggi Eggertsson and silkscreened by Burlesque), a Nike GS Polo, and Nike (PRODUCT) RED laces all make for great souvenirs from Nike Sportswear and The FADER. Hey, it’s the best we can do to get you one step closer to South Africa. To win just leave a comment, it’s that easy. Get a full shot of the South America poster after the jump




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  1. tito505 says:

    Sick shirt,laces and poster ! south africa loooks beautiful mad at yall doing it live out there lol

  2. evic says:

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks for this!

  3. Jared says:

    Love the poster, beautiful gfx style. And the Blue shirt will match my complexion for the summer

  4. Jonathan says:

    pretty dope polo and poster

  5. Sean says:

    Dope poster, hopefully I’ll be the lucky winner! Thanks!

  6. Telly D says:

    everyone is doin it big for the World Cup!!

  7. Santiago Barreiro says:

    This is bloody fantastic! Thanks for the chance!

  8. Sameer says:

    This is legit! The artwork is amazing. Thanks for the chance.

  9. cfarnz says:

    i’ll take it, thanks!

  10. Katharine Gee says:

    The Fader & Monkeys and NIKE ROCK!

  11. zack morris says:

    Dope polo…dope poster…great cause that Nike is donating to with the (Red) laces, I have already bought 4 pair.

  12. eric says:

    uh…all of those are sweet.

    pick meeee

  13. Adam Schuit says:

    I need a nike poster! Thanks NSW u guys r awesome.

  14. Julien says:

    that poster and polo are real nice, wouldnt mind getting another pair of nike RED laces either.

  15. Julien says:

    These are all pretty sick and I really wouldnt mind any of them. The polo is really nice, and i would definitely not mind another pair of nike RED laces.

  16. christa says:

    excellent! thanks for the post and swag!

  17. Daniel lee says:

    Cool the poster, everyone needs the red laces, it’s for a good cause!!

  18. Mye Kaew says:

    Love to win this. Thanks!