KiD CuDi, "REVOFEV (Revolution of Evolution)" MP3

KiD CuDi is going to be just fine. Bad news follows him like the grim demons he evades, with his most recent being his arrest last week. It carries over to his music where he's unabashed in his response, no different from the raging bull that surfaces when faced with those obstacles. We root for him because after all he's human and unafraid to tell it like it is. His message to the kids whether they be honor students, rabble rousers or trouble makers is always a topic of conversation because he was just like them fighting to find his voice. He stood on a tiny pulpit last week at the BAPE store in SoHo last week where he spoke to his legion of graphic T-shirt-clad New Yorkers (mostly guys), hanging on to his every word, even finishing his sentences for him at times because they feel his pain, his joy, and above all, his rage.

"This song is the epitome of what my next album is about . Mr. Rager is... yeah it's me but, it's a little bit more complex than that. You know how I don't address certain things that you might see in the media or the press and shit, besides the fact that I just don't give a fuck because niggas just not trying to fight me. It's just like, I need to just talk about shit on my own time. I let motherfuckers talk they shit because it don't affect me, y'all still come to my shows, it's inevitable for you to talk shit about someone who is unorthodox, and not the norm, and it's cool. I knew that when I was fucking 15, if I ever got on, shit would be a little bit different. But this album is really gonna explain a lot, from the release of Man on the Moon: One, up until now. Like I said, it's a dark album, man it's really a movie, it's really dark, it's really 'I don't give a fuck,' it's really drugs, it's really cocaine, it's really weed, it's all these things. It's really alcohol, it's a fucking rowdy album, and it's for y'all because that's the generation. We're rowdy, we trying to express ourselves, we don't give a fuck. Exactly. But we keep the peace, and we have love for one another because we all in the same frequency, right? We not on that beefing shit, that takes up too much energy. All that negativity, that beefing and shit, it takes from your positive, can't be fucking around like that."

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KiD CuDi, "REVOFEV (Revolution of Evolution)" MP3