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Video: Ava Luna, "Clips"


The look of most soul men nowadays can really be anything. Carlos Hernandez, the frontman of Coney Island-based band Ava Luna doesn't exactly embody a lady killer. The glasses, the non-flashy threads, the meek geek look still works, kind of in a McLovin kind of way because he's not holding back that he can go off better than the pretty boys. It helps that he's got a few ladies to back him up too, like in this video for "Clips"—from a few months back—where they dirty up the forest with guitar licks as if they were plucked from Prince and The Revolution's glory days. They're a long way from Lake Minnetonka, but the chorus exploring the pleasures of taking a break make purifying yourself something you can do in your own backyard.

[vimeo width="570" height="489"][/vimeo]

Posted: June 17, 2010
Video: Ava Luna, "Clips"