Download: Sa-Ra Podcast Episode 1 - Voyage to Venus (Mixed by Zo)

A comprehensive discography of Sa-Ra's solo work and production for folks like Erykah Badu and Jamiroquai was recently gathered for The Smoking Section. There's a few missing gems like Consequence's "Caught Up In The Hype" and "Everybody" with Fonzworth, and Andre 3000. Maybe they're being saved for the next installment. Zo, who mixed the tracks had Taz Arnold and Om'Mas Keith narrate the mixtape with the group's backstory. Sa-Ra has always been the curveball of super producers being out of the box with their funk-jazz fusion, and of course their costumes high fashion sense, but at the end of the day, their sound is all theirs.

1. Butterscotch
2. My Star
3. Jumbo
4. So Special
5. God Made Dirt
6. Can I Get U Hi
7. Death of a Star
8. Feels Just Like It Should Remix (Jamiroquai)
9. Glorious remix
10. XXX Str8 Out The Jungle Sa-Ra New Mix (Soulhead)
11. Tonight Sa-Ra Re-do (Kleer)
12. Powder Bump
13. Equipoise (Dwight Trible)
14. High Life remix (Fonzworth Bentley)
15. Space Theme
16. If You Believe (Nina Moschella)
17. We Can Do Anything
18. Heidi Bruehl Sa-Ra remix (Tosca)
19. Sweet Sour You (Bilal)
20. Star Struck (Naledge)
21. Downlow
22. High Moon Lust Remix
23. Hey (Jurassic 5)
24. Goldmine
25. Daylight
27. He Say She Say
28. Midnight Birds Sa-Ra Remix (Medeski Martin Wood)
29. Scorpio Rising/Night on the Sun
30. Intoxicated
31. Dust and Kisses
32. Melodee N Mynor
33. Hominy
34. Twinkle (Erykah Badu)
35. Love Czars
36. Revenge of Blow
37. Simply So Remix (GB)
38. Song 4 Jay
39. Wonderful
40. Do Me Gurl
41. Love Czars II
42. Rosebuds
43. Changes
44. Jam 101
45. Couldn’t Hear Me Ova The Music Sa-Ra Remix (Eric Roberson)
46. Fly Away (Goapele)

The Smoking Section Presents Sa-Ra Creative Partners - Episode I: Voyage To Venus by TheSmokingSection

Click here to download Sa-Ra Podcast Episode 1 - Voyage to Venus.

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Download: Sa-Ra Podcast Episode 1 - Voyage to Venus (Mixed by Zo)