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Video: Justin Bieber f. Usher, "Somebody To Love" (Remix)


Justin Bieber has a pretty serious co-sign in Usher especially considering he's dropping pop music with a sort of "urban" approach. We're pretty sure the grown ass lead woman in his video is a spot on representation of the women in his life. (Remember Lil Bow Wow going in with college women at 11-years-old.) Our question is why does every 12-year-old 16-year-old think they need to fall in love. Trust us dude: shit is overrated. Enjoy the popularity, hope you don't end up like Aaron Carter and we're sure Usher told you: women are trouble. This video is exactly what a teen pop video should be: hella dancing. We still think that lead girl is playing with fire though. Just tell them you were there for Usher!

[Straight From The A]

Video: Justin Bieber f. Usher, "Somebody To Love" (Remix)