Video: Snoop Dogg, "Oh Sookie"


“Oh Sookie” is right. If only the mind-reading character Anna Paquin plays on HBO’s True Blood could really read Snoop’s mind, she’d know that not only is he a fan, but that they can Do it in the daytime, Bill won’t know a thing. The new promo for the 3rd season has all the LOL moments of some of Snoop’s early shameless promotions for St. Ides. If he does an ode to every lady on the show he wants to fang bang, they’ll have to book him for the Golden Globes.

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  1. Holly Smith says:

    Yo Snoop ! This song and Video wasssss Hilarious!!!! The only thing that you was missing was throwing Dr. Dre in there with a lil verse about her Gap Teeth in her mouth so …. LoL and (some funny line)… I love The Charlaine Harris Books, And I love the show!! The charactors on the show are Great! And I LOVE the Snoop Dogg. :) I think its great that you watch the show, Alan Ball is Awesome! Well if you have any extra True Bud you just let me know. I would sure like to have some when i watch the next episode! You have a great day and keep on keeping on!

    Holly – V-Town – Georgia