Download: James Pants, New Tropical EP

Stones Throw's beat master James Pants is responsible for some of the most smoldering electro instrumentals on Peanut Butter Wolf's label. To say that they're completely electro without a tinge of hip-hop would do them a disservice because they also fall between classic eras of hip-hop in the summer time like Afrika Bambaataa's synths echoing off the buildings in the Bronx to the smart blending of Prince Paul's great track record of De La Soul's break beats from the '80s. James Pants' new EP is the latest follow-up to his 2008 album Welcome. Get a sample of the album's lead off track "Driftwood" after the jump, along with the tracklist and download link.

Tracklist for New Tropical

1. Driftwood
2. 1988
3. Hanama Beat
4. This Crazy Sound
5. Diamond Head
6. Say Yes

Click here to download the New Tropical EP

Download: James Pants, New Tropical EP