Stream: Raphael Saadiq, "It's A Shame" MP3

Raphael Saadiq's revivial of "It's A Shame" by The Spinners is part of Levi's on-going series of contemporary artists paying tribute to reknowned originals. Today's episode by the classic denim and apparel company's partnership with the former frontman of Tony! Toni! Toné! includes the song's memorable guitar loop, adding on Raphael's shimmery clean voice that toes the era between 1970—when Stevie Wonder first wrote the song—and his new version. Below is where Raphael's inspiration stems from:

"Saadiq grew up during an amazing time for R&B. It seems likely that the Spinners’ “It’s a Shame” was heard often when he was a kid. Hailing from Detroit the ensemble perfected a smooth, fluid vocal approach and released complex songs that would help define R&B into the ’70s. Saadiq chose to re-craft the band’s pop hit “It’s a Shame,” a precise and concise plea to a wrong-doing woman co-authored by the great Stevie Wonder. Saadiq runs his velvety voice through the song, updating the iconic jingling guitar and bubbling bassline of the original."



Raphael Saadiq, "It's A Shame"

[Levi's Pioneer Sessions]

Stream: Raphael Saadiq, "It's A Shame" MP3