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Memory Tapes, "Green Knight" (CREEP Remix) MP3


Remember when blog house was the hottest shit around and we'd all throw our neon blue sweatshirts with matching sneakers on and, like, punch a wall and spit beer at each other for all hours of the night? If you had told us, in that exact moment, that a subsection of dance music would take a drastically dark and composed turn and be all about textures and cautious string plucks, we'd be like WHATEVER BROOOOOOOO and then buy you a Jaeger Bomb. But it happened, and it works. Not like we're putting an end cap on when music like this will be enjoyable though. Ideally, there's room for Memory Tapes just like there's room for Uffie just like there's still room for Korn and a Green Day musical. It's all about what you choose to ignore or get into. Your ears are your own. ANYWAY! CREEP—which is actually Lauren Flax and Lauren Dillard—suck the warmth out of the original "Green Knight," removing the exhilarating release before letting everything build toward an icy conclusion. We'll be moping to it all night.

Download: Memory Tapes, "Green Knight" (CREEP Remix)

Memory Tapes, "Green Knight" (CREEP Remix) MP3