Contest: Win Tickets to See Erykah Badu and Maxwell in NYC


Summer is for lovers, so they say, and who better to serenade your humid New York languor than the sensuous power combo of Maxwell and Erykah Badu? We want everyone to be steeped in heartfelt emotions and romance in the sunny months, so we’re giving away a pair of tickets to see the duo serenade your seasonal rubdown this June 26 at Madison Square Garden. To enter, just leave a comment talking about your favorite track off either Maxwell’s BLACKsummersnight or Badu’s New Amerykah Part II. Make sure you leave your real email so we can let you know if you won. Good luck!

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  1. sinikiwe says:

    Pretty wings

  2. Marina says:

    My favorite track off of Maxwell’s BLACKsummersnight is Pretty Wings. The whole concept of letting the people you love go is so beautiful, especially when the people are damaging to you. It’s something that’s so hard to do, but so necessary. I love everything about this song.. the lyricism, the story it tells, the way Maxwell’s voice sounds on it, the way it sounds like a lullaby, just everything.

  3. dorf says:

    would love to win tickets to this. my favorite track on New Amerykah Part II has got to be Turn Me Away (Get Munny) because its funky and laidback and nice take on the classic sylvia striplin track.

  4. Jermaine says:

    I admire both artist honestly and the creativity they bring to the table of their new albums especially. for Maxwell I’ll say “Bad Habit” and for Erykak Badu “Window Seat” would do it for me. If I win the contest, not only would I be appreciative but cant wait to hear them perform on stage!

  5. kuffie says:

    Ive been an erykah badu fan since her first album. and i was maybe 7 when that came out. the fact she is still making music, and music thats interesting, is very exciting to me. My favorite song off new amerykah part 2 would have to be “out my mind, just in time”. its epic badu, 10 minutes of her wailing about love. few artist know how to push a song to that limit like badu.

  6. luvhiphop says:

    Maxwell – Bad Habits (video was icing on the cake!)
    Ms. Badu – Turn Me Away (get Munny) & beginning of Out of Mind…

    This combo is a classic…kind of like the “Best of in R&B/Soul” Hope i can be a part of it!!!

  7. Maciej says:

    Have there been more inspiring lyrics in the last few years of R&B than “If I/get off my knees/I might recall/I’m 20 feet tall”? Both amazing albums, but that Badu lyric makes me want to be a better person for real.

  8. leif says:

    oh my effing god my favorite song off of New Amerykah Pt.2 is Fall in Love (Your Funeral) – i just finished doing a chillwave/bmore cover of it because like, i’ve wanted to be her since i was a young qpoc.

  9. Moo says:

    “Window Seat” is the hottest Badu jammy since “Didn’t Cha Know”. I’m happy to see this bad bitch getting her due. Getting tickets to this just might get me stank on my hang low. “Helpsomebody”. Marinate on that.

  10. Stitch says:

    Window Seat is the new 42.
    ( Doesn’t matter what the question is)

  11. Mdot says:

    I stumbled upon “Jump Up in the Air (Stay There)” back in January and got excited. Then I saw the video and slipped into hypnotized. The definition of ‘good’ is subjective, but however you define it, there’s an effect that good music has on you: knocking you into a time capsule that keeps that moment preserved, and ready for instantaneous recall. Seeing this duo live might leave you blissfully comatose.

  12. tee says:

    Fall in Love (Your Funeral) is my favorite song off New Ameryykah Pt 2.

    “You got to change jobs and change gods”

    I had to pause after that line. Love it.

  13. Melissa says:

    My favorite track is “Pretty Wings” because whenever i lose hope, I’m reminded that love will set me free…

  14. Samantha says:

    Umm Hmm

  15. Francine says:

    Pretty wings! Window seat.bag lady. (zip lock lady, garbage bag lady…)

  16. Jahaan says:

    Badu-Out of My Mind Just in Time

  17. Jeremy says:

    I have to say that “Cold” is my favorite track off of BLACKsummer’s night.

  18. @_DUKES says:

    My favorite song from BLACKsummer’s Night is “Bad Habits”. Favorite track from New Amerykah Part 2: Return of the Ankh —- that’s tough, it’s an insanely PERFECT album!! I’m gonna go with “Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long”.

  19. Katherin says:

    As an avid fan of Maxwell, I was super stoked to find out about the release of BLACKsummer’snight. his songs are the soundtrack to my 24 year old life. You can’t tell me that Cococure isn’t about me. I swear I won’t listen lol.

    Maxwell ALWAYS sets the mood leaving the most uptight person in a relaxed and senusous state.

    My favorite song on this album is COLD.
    me singing: “how can you be so cold…good god the girl’s gone cold”
    Stop the World is also a good one.

    Oh yeah, Erykah you’ve been my homie since you schooled me on “Tyrone” and how to “pack light” in Bag Lady. So you know I have to ride with you on the neo soul
    plane as you take your Window Seat. I Amerykahn Promise.

  20. My favorite songs off Ms. Badu’s new album is between “Turn me away (Get munny)” and “LOVE”. BUT WOW, “LOVE” is a song that really kissed the core of my soul. I’ve always loved Erykah Badu but, i love her even more cuz i found someone special in my life to enjoy her with. His names Kevin and he is my Diamond. Just like Ms. Badu sings, I will testify: “thought i fell in love with superman, It True”. YES, GIRL PREACH! Amen!

    On our first date, we had a moment outside Madison Square Garden and a sweet young girl asked if she can take our picture. She loved our style and noticed a spark between us. Going to the show would be like coming full circle to where we first looked into each others eyes. Without a doubt it was our mutual love for Ms. Badu that bought us closer together. Kevin loves Ms. Badu so much and I know this would mean the world to him. This would be an amazing romantic night both of us and it would give me great joy to bring a smile to his face.

    Being a summer student in NYC and scrambling for rent and food, makes it really hard budget for tickets. I would really appreciate these tickets because it would mean so much to the building of our relationship.

  21. Annette says:

    The combination of Maxwell and Erykah Badu is cosmic. Ms. Badu shares the beat that runs through many of our veins. She is an inspiration for many women, and I would love to bring my daughter to the concert. Keep it coming Ms. Badu.

  22. Allyson says:

    Maxwell is an incredible artist that is so soulful and deep. He makes me feel so sexy as a black woman (even if the media says we’re undesirable.) his music is orgasmic, taking you places that you never thought you could go in love, lust and physicality. his sound is “for lover’s only” , so perhaps I may meet my S.O. at the event, who knows. lol. few things are better than vibing with excellent company while listening to great music. throw maxwell, in the mix and you’ve got a winner. hopefully, i’m chosen for this experience on a BLACKsummers’night.

    favorite song: stop the world

  23. Jo says:

    I think by far my favorite songs are Maxwell’s “Pretty wings” and Erykah’s “20 feet tall”. Both are reminders for me of the reasons that we have to keep growing & remembering who *we* are in relationships. They speak to how the lessons that we learn in the process of moving on and forward, even when painful, are what help prepare us to for the love we searching for and journeying towards – *if* we learn our lessons well.


  24. Joshua Todd Casson says:

    One of the great things about Ms. Badu’s music is that it is for everyone regardless of gender, race, sexuality etc. Her song, “Fall In Love (Your Funeral)” brings foward the idea of the frailty of love and its splendor. Having recently been in South Africa with a lovely lady who happened to be a different race than I, and thus made many people uneasy and very upset that we held hands and showed the still uncommon site that black and white can fall in love and show it despite the taunting and even harrassment by people on the streets, shows that love will prevail and can not be stopped though it is a hard battle sometimes and the life of love can be hardgoing but worth it..and oh, how sometimes the end of love can feel like the end of all there is shows just how powerful two souls in unision can be bonded forever even if the love cannot be expressed , as many people I met in South Africa know all too well.

  25. Hassan says:

    The dopest track on Badu’s New Amerykah is definitely Out my Mind, Just In Time. Hands down. The jazz, blues, spaced out funk of this track is this 5% queen at her full 360. Once this track comes on, you know you are deep into Baduism, and the soul immediately is captivated and trasplanted to evoke the spirit of elder Billie holiday. I heard this track before copping the cd, and it made me so anxious for the release. She opened up the Chicago show w/ this joint (like I was hoping she would) and it was one of the highlights of my summer. She is my favorite contemporary female singer, and I am a manager of a recording studio here in da Chi, so I hear alot. Big ups for Ms Badu on this one…chop and screw for you, pay the rent for you.. Love this woman!!!!

  26. angela says:

    After waiting almost a decade for Maxwell to release a new album, I can truly say that I was not disappointed. I first heard a snippet of the album when I returned from Iraq to visit family members on my Rest and Recovery. When I heard ‘Pretty Wings’ I was immediately drawn in. So, I rushed out and bought the album because I wanted to take it back to listen and share with the rest of my team members. I had previously listened to all of the tracks on the cd, but as I really started to hear the music, I began to notice just how beautiful ‘Fist full of Tears’ really is. I truly felt his heart and soul as it flowed from this song. Even I had to shed a little tear because this song sang to me.