Naturi Naughton's Notoriously Big (and Small) Screen Moments

The fame of a starring role in Notorious did wonders for the careers of Gravy and Naturi Naughton. Little did we know that when their characters would bump uglies (NSFW) that Naturi would come out on top (literally) for living up to the days when Lil' Kim getting hardcore wasn't as outdated as getting her eagle on. Her solo career is popping like the 4th of July because all she does is win, win, win! The aftermath of the fallout with her former 3LW put her in the big leagues from the group's other starlets that played the PG card on the Disney Channel's Cheetah Girls. Her character, Denise from the Fame movie soundtrack, adds another big screen credit to her résumé. Below we break down the pop star's biggest and brightest moments in the spotlight. Like 50 said, the top feels so much better than the bottom.


We're not saying because Naturi was able to personify the fantasies Lil' Kim rapped in the '90s made her worthy of an Oscar, by no means, she's no Halle Berry. Going full-frontal did yield more fruit in Hollywood for a spot as Denise Dupree in the 2009 remake of Fame. Judging by her good looks—dead-nice—"H8AZ" from the soundtrack really has her name in headlights.


When Naturi was 17, 3LW was just making a name for themselves as three little women. She wasn't though compared to Adrienne and Kiely whose tinnier voices made them sound less mature than they seemed. Naturi on the other hand had a more prominent stake on the their second single from their self-titled debut, because she didn't sound like she was still battling puberty—just her former group mates from their on-going dilemma fighting for camera time.


Way back in the '80s, making it in New York meant getting famous on Broadway. Those days are over, with fame being just one TwitPic away. So for last year's version of Fame, the soundtrack needed a new voice to add a new chapter to the foundation disco queen Irene Cara created for the original. Let's just say Naturi stops traffic in a safe way this time around for the video.


Nice voice? Is that really what the late B.I.G. said when he first heard Kim? OK, maybe if the movie is that true to the sequence of events (Biggie and Kim's smashfest, then she raps for him), after the loving is done, the first words he uttered probably wasn't overanalyzing how she handles diction. The point is, for a minute when Naturi's potty mouth went to work, audiences were witnessing her humble hardcore beginnings.

Naturi Naughton's Notoriously Big (and Small) Screen Moments