Recap: Peter Hadar's Awakening at Fat Baby, NYC

Photo by Helen Marie

Not to ignore the fellas but last Wednesday night was surely a night for the ladies! Opening up with his own version of “Doin It Again” by The Roots, Peter Hadar set the tone for the evening with his own sex appeal and melodic foreplay.


He has this way of creating a rollercoaster effect, starting mellow, increasing the flow of his set just before reaching a musical climax that delivers sweet satisfaction. After noticing his 3-piece band, two leotard-clad background vocalists and the DJ Khayatollah (repping for female DJs), I was sure every one in the room was in for a treat. Fat Baby was definitely an intimate space. With a few small tables and chairs to your left, bar to your right and nothing but dance floor and a stage in the middle, you felt as if Peter Hadar was singing directly in your ear as he prods you with persuasions on “Leave Your Clothes.”

No apprehension, no mediocrity, Peter performed full force, bringing his creativity and confidence to the stage. We were subdued and awakened to the impact that only Peter Hadar can provide. He was the man of the hour. A woman in the audience actually started to shout and jump around on the floor at one point as if she had caught the spirit during “Working.” His medium is a fusion of soul/rock/hip-hop/funk which he painted on our ears—his canvas. Peter Hadar’s music, like looking at art strikes up conversations. He has an infectious way of igniting intimacy between couples.

Every female in attendance is reminded of the big guy with a bigger heart belting out "Can't Stop." During “Want You for Myself” one of the vivacious background singers put on skates, came to the middle of the dance floor and began to dance IN SKATES while Peter Hadar ripped the vocals. All of the night's entertainment went on while the DJ held down the music. A visitng group from Sweden dances in the middle of the dance floor and I smiled in appreciation. Peter Hadar's glow shines brighter, specifically on Southpaw's big stage, July 16th, where he joins Aloe Blacc in romancing Brooklyn. Peter Hadar's art show saga continues.

Recap: Peter Hadar's Awakening at Fat Baby, NYC