Video: Rusko f. Amber Coffman, “Hold On”

If you’ve never seen Rusko DJ live, this video proves that when you do, he will break your face. Also, he will apparently break the law, as evidenced by the shot where he is driving while talking on his cell phone. Dirty Projectors’ Amber Coffman, who diva-voiced this massive chune, is nowhere to be found here, but her presence is felt in the swarms of a million screaming girls with peroxide hairdos and liberty print hoodies—not to mention the wistful feeling we get when we see footage of amazing superstar raves we totally missed because we live in the States, sigh. Also, is the median age of his UK fanbase like 19?

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  1. lazaroc says:

    Rusko live was a great time, bruh threw it down hard. Songs kinda soft but like the video clips

  2. Erm, we’re right-hand drive in the UK. Notice he hasn’t got a steering wheel there? ; )

  3. jason miller says:

    thx for posting. here’s the HD version on youtube:


  4. Truth says:

    The remix from rcrdlbl is so much better! I’m confused cus it wasn’t called a remix at first, but when I saw this video I was like, WTF?!?! What happened to the beat???