Behind the Scenes at M.I.A.’s Cover Shoot

When we first saw the photographs Leonie Purchas shot in London for our M.I.A. cover story, we thought they had a certain Ladyhawke way about them. Maya in the woods clad in a velvet cloak—the work of stylist Emma MacFarlane—elicited serious Medieval witchery vibes. So watching this behind the scenes video from her cover shoot—footage taken by Purchas’ assistant, Jacobine van Hellemond, and edited by her husband, Martin Hampton—we’re extremely pleased to know there was in fact an owl hooting in the background, affirming our notion that the day was romantic, natural and just a little mystical. Read the story in FADER #68, on stands now and downloadable here.

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  1. “Video is private” message.

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  3. XXXO says:

    MIA gon be going all out on that new track XXXO! Tha songwriting is fierce but tha muzic video isn’t that nice…