Video: 77Klash, “Asphalt Jungle”

Is this an old Boot Camp Clik video? 77Klash‘s got all the same ’90s Brooklyn elements for his anvil-heavy new dubstep joint: black hoodie, mean mug, ominous atmosphere, some dudes standing behind him, mood lighting, urban blight. Basically all he’s missing is some Timbalands and a shot on the rooftop of the projects. And, like BCC, Klash reps Brooklyn constantly.

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  1. charles says:

    Mr. Cleo chants and I finally see Ghostface Killah’s two brothers with muscular distrophy. It’s hot as hell outside lil Hov. Some white pls? Earthtones maybe? I’m sorry you didn’t make puffy’s making the band but Dru Ha’s friend seems to think you’re cool. I personally think it’s blasphemy comparing them to the other jamaican posers. shinehead was more convincing as a legal alien. Skream sucks and I don’t have enough e pills and acid to like dubstep. Live performances with perfect adlibs? thats on some next shit. Killa Priest sunz of man type shit. These intelligent souls lead the movement of the illuminati. I look at the crowd at Fader events and see indy cavemen, cheap conformers happy to rsvp to a free magazine party, Prodigy video extras, and a caucasian confusion. This is where we go after finding out the mgmt synthpoprockafire weirdo hippy group thing wasn’t it. You’ll be back.

  2. charles says:

    dystrophy*…nice scouting of the wack cultfadheavy new york indy ranks. Tell Kev Chuck wishes him the best.