Shareefa f. Rick Ross, "By My Side" MP3

Shareefa with King Driis by her side.

There's a raw and real quality about Shareefa's voice and lyrics that we've been crazy about since "I Need A Boss." She seems like a true round the way girl but definitely owns her femininity in all her songs. She refuses to settle for anything but the best and will give as good as she gets. BAWSE-wise we can't think of a better companion than Rick Ross. There's a dude that can take care of a chick. However, we would like to ask when has a tub ever been filled with Evian? Thats some prima donna shit and Shareefa doesn't seem like the type, Rozay. That's super prissy and even though she has the musical cannon of a diva, we're pretty sure Shareefa likes the simpler finer things in life.

Download: Shareefa f. Rick Ross, "By My Side"

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Shareefa f. Rick Ross, "By My Side" MP3