Video: Quadron, "Jeans"


Even though it's way too hot today to think about wearing anything but a wet paper towel suit you can still appreciate Quadron's all-denim everything style. Better yet, the scene in "Jeans" reads like a tribute to all things awesome about summer: great clothes, bikes, beer, friends and just all-out good times. Coco O., and company come off as carefree and easy as their chambray ensembles and that lovely mop of curly hair that forever charms us from the top of her head. We're considering rolling in a wheelbarrow all summer because the subway has officially turned into an ice freezer on wheels running through an oven tunnel. Maybe we should just move to Nørrebro, where the weather looks as cool as the people seem in this unofficial video.

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[Giant Step]

Video: Quadron, "Jeans"