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Do You Know The Ice Cream Man?

You’re going to see a lot of strange things at music festivals, most of them relating to wardrobe and controlled substances, and though it may feel as if you’re at a Halloween parade in Amsterdam, keep your eyes peeled for one man: The Ice Cream Man. Just like last summer, the ICM’s road-tripping his way around the country, handing out free Ben and Jerry’s at concerts and music festivals. For those of us not in the trenches, the ICM is grabbing video for Babelgum of headliners playing their tunes in impromptu one-takes. Keeping their blood sugar up and our ears tickled is a public service worth commending; if we had a person of the week, it’d be this guy. Check out the Temper Trap playing for some Cherry-Garcia above.

Do You Know The Ice Cream Man?