Video: Fonzworth Bentley f. Anthony Hamilton, "Greener"


We’ve come to enjoy Fonzworth Bentley’s ecletically refined sartorial choices but his hair makes us think that he might be the fifth element of music. As such, we appreciate his toned down flow and feel the need to say that yes we are still surprised by how much we enjoy his music. This a man we watched carry an umbrella and dance for two years, but then again everyone thought Charlie Chaplin was a genius and he never even spokeā€”no comparison but still.

We’ve heard that at Fonzworth’s alma mater, Howard University, there is something called “The Runway” and we want to believe this video was inspired by that. We would also like to start using the word “greener” for everything this summer. Example: “Yo my iPad is so much greener than that bum ass hard cover book you brought to the beach” or “Yo I’ma need you to get greener dude and get yourself some white linen blazers.” Fuck it, we’re greening everything.

[Mr. World Premiere]

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