Brooklyn Pool Parties Announce First Move Before Lebron James Does


Those pool party concerts you have either heard far too much about or played sweaty dodgeball at yourself stole about 30 seconds of news cycle time from Lebron on his big free agency sweepstakes day. These two things in reality are not even slightly related, but they are interesting when juxtaposed: they a) seem to be the only topic of New York internet conversation today and b) Jay-Z has a Google alert set for (assuming the parties involved won’t just text him first) for both. The winners today according to a PR e-mail we received: Cut Copy. They’ll be headlining what we assume is the first Jelly Pool Party on August 8 along with Memory Tapes and Glasser. Little known fact, Chris Bosh is pretty into most of the Memory Tapes remixes, so this should get all that NBA/Lebron stuff moving along nice and briskly, too. Fingers crossed.

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