Erick Rincon, “Los Pajaritos (Feeling Edit)” MP3


Erick Rincon is a 17-year-old producer/DJ and basically the hottest shit in Monterrey, Mexico for the under-21 set (we’re pretty sure he’s captured a few of the overs, too). Normally dude sticks with the spastic rave tones of tribal guarachero and 3ball—pretty localized genres of sped-out techno-clang—but here he chills out with a swaying cumbia classic that could be the perfect comedown track at the end of one of his sets. And if DJing doesn’t work out for dude at this early stage in the game, we will gladly hire him to make some awesome Photoshop graphics for our personal Facebook pages.

Download: Erick Rincon, “Lost Pajaritos (Feeling Edit) (Soundcloud)
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  1. todd says:

    flea markets in houston are filled with the raverton, god its amazing.

  2. lester lara says:

    yes!! and toy selectah conection!! AJU!

  3. José Melendez says:

    I hate every fucking gringo thinking that cumbia is THE SHIT.
    hope you would be in the other side of the border.
    pinche gringo puñetero #molotov (sure you haven´t heard that)