Video: Big Boi f. Vonnegutt, “Follow Us”

There’s a lot to be examined with this video. Is it Big Boi‘s next attempt at a crossover into that weird new world of post-Spencer Pratt rich teenagers that grew up completely surrounded by rap? Is it a vehicle to push Vonnegutt, who actually seem to have some sort of Dungeon Family 2010 connections? If Colin Munroe isn’t around to take a call or do a chorus, do people hit up Vonnegutt? But this isn’t empty hate. In fact, it’s not really hate at all—just confusion and healthy skepticism. This is a good song, and Big Boi is a supremely effortless and professional rapper, finding all sorts of tiny crevices in Salaam Remi’s beat to wedge himself in before letting his words tumble sharply all over themselves. It’s catchy and confusing and there is a dude in a tight vest going nuts when Big Boi raps about getting crunk in clubs. No one ever said experimentation had to mean getting weird.

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  1. Seronies says:

    I can’t get behind this. The chorus and whites ruin it.

    Yikes BigBoi.

  2. I’m still searching for a more tasteful way to say what the person above said….

  3. Victoria says:

    whites? wow. racist much.

  4. Lori Hammerson says:

    Well I think the whites as u so eliquently put it make the song!! I would like to hear just the white guy sing a song with out the rap! You can never understand rap… The white guy has a great voice!