Cyriously: The Chris Brown Conspiracy

Each week Cyrus Kyle Langhorne weighs-in on hot button topics with his sharp commentary. This week's subject: Chris Brown.

Chris Brown, just seeing the name alone more than likely brings out a mass of different emotions: anger, hope, frustration, admiration, empathy, (fill in the blank). Now while it may seem as though the BET Awards were last week and this topic is "old-news," I would definitely beg to differ. What topic you may ask? Well the Crying Game, of course. For anyone who has not yet witnessed the "meltdown" (as some sites/publications) have called it of Chris Brown at the BET Awards 10, I strongly suggest getting your YouTube/Vimeo on right away to get caught up. Long story short, Brown makes his return to the annual ceremony and while his performance of "Man in the Mirror" seemed to be more about him accepting his past problems/negative publicity, one cannot step away from the event and the rumors which followed without taking a close look at exactly what is being said.

1. Lloyd Told Chris Brown To Cry (RUMOR)

(laugh) Sorry rap heads, we are not referring to Lloyd Banks, but rather R&B singer Lloyd. Now having seen this on a few sites like MediaTakeOut and looking at the quote of Lloyd allegedly saying, "You gotta let them know you're back, show emotion, cry, etc." I really did not take the translation to mean, "Cry fool, cry!" as many people have begun to say and stick with. This "rumor," of course, was quickly shot down by Lloyd after he hit up his website/blog and said things along the lines of just giving him some pep talk and he would not say blah, blah, blah... in other words? Rumor Deaded.

2. Chris Brown's Body Guard Gave Him Tear Drops (RUMOR)

I cannot remember if it was US Weekly or E! News which reported on this, but supposedly Brown was given a head's up by his bodyguard who provided him with the tear drops. (laugh) Word 'em up? I have heard quite a few stories but this one easily tops the rest. D-Listed actors and television extras don't even use tear drops to create tears. (laugh)

3. BET's Stephen Hill Addresses The Crying

I believe I read either on VIBE or AllHipHop BET Vice President of Music Programming Stephen Hill talking about the incident, more specifically him laughing at the gossip and explaining "it would be pretty hard to fake crying." (laugh) Even though people can take this and run with it as BET just trying to cover up the show and make it seem pure and organic, I have to admit, the amount of emotion Brown let out seemed pretty authentic to say the least.

Not so much something I wanted to add to the "rumor" drop list, but another big underlying story was Brown's attendance at the show forced Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Rihanna to not show up, now this. Well, sorry Mr. Hill, but I could easily imagine this being true, not only did the BET Awards 10 take place in the same neck of the woods as Rihanna's boyfriend, Los Angeles Dodgers' Matt Kemp, but Jay-Z and Beyoncé led the showcase with the most awards. Sorry folks, but Brown's presence definitely has me convinced these three skipped out on the showcase.

Anyway, going back to Chris Brown's "situation." Pwwease, are people really going to egg this on through the summer? I still cannot believe how much silly-ness went down last year when it looked like Drake invited the 2010 "Degrassi: New School" kid extras onto the stage as he and Lil Wayne performed "Best I Ever Had" (um, referencing sex, people) along with everyone getting upset with the Michael Jackson tribute not being "good enough," which is a far cry considering the BET Awards 09 took place just days after his passing.

There is no way (José) in which Brown could have pulled a fast one on people, and I would bet a 100 Grand (candy bar) on it. For starers, if Brown "really" wanted to capture people's attention and go out in a "heroic" (if you can even call it that) manner, he would have done the entire walk-out, cry, stop and then FAINT. Yes people, Chris Breezy would have fainted to the ground and then it would have been mayhem, in a positive light. With a faint, there would not have been any silly remarks about tear drops or Lloyd getting labeled a conspirer in the on-stage meltdown. Rather, we would have had every outlet talking with hospital staffs because without a doubt, he would have been rushed to a local Los Angeles facility and then the networks would have had a ball. Brown on the cover of People, National Enquirer, Hip-Hop Weekly, etc. (laugh). But did he faint? No.

I know my break-down seems very simplistic, but it should be noted without hesitation. Brown did not fake his crying. Sure, call his career over and say he may not push out any more records as long as he is singing, but it just does not make sense. Why fake cry when you could have had the entire world watching your every move if you passed out during the show? The foolery which makes up these BET Awards notorious continues on once again and trust me, intentional or not, more angles, inside sources and statements are far from over.

Cyriously: The Chris Brown Conspiracy