Bei Maejor, "Kisses in the V.I.P." MP3

We stopped going to clubs when were nineteen—just kidding! We mean 21. So its been a long time since we had a drunk make out session in VIP. Usually these things either turned into love at the late night diner and promises to hang out the next night that never materialized OR the most awkward hangover brunch in someone else's house/dorm you've ever had. The point is, it's never a good idea and Bei Maejor seems to agree with us.

Poor decisions are made in VIP. They are made quite quickly and with tons of grandeur. Bottle service has a way of making people feel invincible. We're starting to think maybe we should hit the clubs again. Point is, we're hoping there's a follow-up to this track by the acclaimed songwriter and that he does NOT hook up with her. The fact that he's giving her directions to his room at the end of the song doesn't give us much hope but we've got our fingers crossed. Stay strong!

Download: Bei Maejor, "Kisses in the V.I.P."

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Bei Maejor, "Kisses in the V.I.P." MP3