Gucci Mane f. Swizz Beatz, “It’s Gucci Time” MP3


Gucci defies all conventional logic when it comes to hopping on a frenetic Swizz Beatz track and stays calm and collected where most dudes would start yelling and throwing out catch phrases with total abandon. Works for us!

Download: Gucci Mane f. Swizz Beatz, “It’s Gucci Time” (via DGB)

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  1. Charles says:

    Let’s start off with the beat. Gucci bought it for five dollars. If he paid more than he probably cops new wack ass jewelry all the time that he thinks will make look better. He probably gets discouraged easily and calls ppl hater. Gucci sounds monotonous on this track and Swizz can do whatever he wants now in rap because his girl is Alicia Keys(so if he wants to make some wack hooks it’s ok.) Yo I hear indy music is hott in New York so let’s sample indy artist that nobody cares about so we don’t pay that much publishing. Thank you fader and mtv europe for introducing the streets to these confused white kids. Who the fuck listens to justice. Who knows who this asshole is sampling that came out with a song the day before he made this beat. atleast he’s not the producer that suffers from alzheimer’s by the name of Timbaland. I guess he pays the for them. Gucci sounds like somebody is telling him to shut the fuck up in prison.

  2. Charles says:

    don’t tell me about how his lyrics is ten times better when I can’t hear this fuckin druggy. sucker punching ppl at family events ain’t cool neither gooch. Mizay sucks!! And your stock is falling. Him and Shyne should hop up on a track. We’ll make a bar game out of figuring out what they’re trying to say.

  3. Simon says:

    and the hate train will continue….why does the justice sample repeat the entire song with no breaks?!?

    the song needs to be re-mastered

  4. Michael says:

    Who’s to say that no one listens to Justice? Justice is one the most popular electronic groups in the world. I’m reasonably sure that you’ve either heard D.A.N.C.E. or Genesis by Justice whether you know it or not. I’m not defending Gucci’s lyrics or musical ability but it’s another thing to insult him for using a perfectly good beat and to insult a band who is immensely popular, especially in Europe.

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  6. stephane says:

    Hey Charles, do a little research before you talk smack about Justice…. When you say “who the f listen to justice” just look at the numbers on youtube and that should answer your questions, Justice is MASSIVE!

  7. Bakari says:

    a lot of people listen to Justice. This isn’t the first or last time they’ve been sampled in popular rap you ignorant motherfucker. They’re one of the most popular electro acts in the world. That’s not exactly indie. Gucci prob paid a shitton for this beat because it’s Swizz and he can do that. I don’t think that it’s a great beat. It’s a lot like a less intricate on to the next one. Gucci sounds like he actually thought about his rhymes this time, so I’m with it I guess.
    I do wish the beat was written better. I also wish the hook was hotter.

  8. JulianCilib says:

    yo. whats with swizz beatz always sampling justice.. this is so bad