Recess (Sene and theClubhouse), "Escalators" MP3

Here's more exciting material coming from Sene and theClubhouse, known collectively as Recess. "Escalators" from their album shows the view through Sene's lens on the come up past life's obstacles. The solution: get lifted! Take theClubhouse's hook man, Andrew Reid's metaphor as you may. Actually, depending on what country you're in, elevators are called lifts too. Maybe it's the metaphors for getting high are causing the free-thinking, but Recesss' show of modesty causing them to get overlooked is a weird déjà vu moment between The Pharcyde's "Passin Me By" and OutKast's "Elevators." And scene...

Download: Recess (Sene and theClubhouse), "Escalators"


Here Sene explains the musical direction of the collaboration with theClubhouse. "Recess is very equal parts all coming together, showing what they have, experimenting, not necessarily conforming to one or the other's brand or style but just basically seeing what our style is as a whole."


Recess (Sene and theClubhouse), "Escalators" MP3