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Tim Cohen, "Oh Oh Oh" MP3


It's generally pretty hard to peg Tim Cohen's sound. Not because it's especially out there or weird, but because dude must record an album a day under different names. They all have the same familiar Cohen trademarks: deceptively sunny vocals and instrumentation, and the kind of simple hooks that crawl their way into your brain long before you even remember the name of the song. In the past few years he's released multiple records as The Fresh & Onlys as well as solo, and they've all been equally as consistent. But what else should we expect? Last time we saw the dude he was singing on stage in a Hawaiian shirt with a broken arm and it was still awesome. Tim Cohen's Laugh Tracks is available right now from Captured Tracks.

Download: Tim Cohen, "Oh Oh Oh" (via MBV)

Tim Cohen, "Oh Oh Oh" MP3