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Video: Cults, "Oh My God"

"Oh My God," for one reason or another, evokes the strangely potent vision of a vaudevillian chick—in an old film, of course—walking towards, then away from us on railroad tracks. Maybe whilst laughing. Do we know why? No. But the circus freak/dream aesthetic seems to have been on Cults' minds as well, given the bursting hot dog-like balloons and garish colors in the track's accompanying video for Adult Swim. Madeline's cooed threats, "I can run away and leave you anytime...I could leave you here to stay inside, dreaming," emitted over the dream-inducing, Midsummer Night's instrumentals, send a much needed cool breeze into the atmosphere. Grab the track below, and, as this is the final tune in their series, check the Adult Swim website for the seven previous, eminently-righteous songs. Bro. (via GvsB)

Video: Cults, "Oh My God"