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Cut Chemist, "Adidas to Addis" MP3


Cut Chemist is like everyone else who kinda flipped out over Ethiopian xylophone after they saw Broken Flowers. So much so, that he got himself a gig opening for the main man on the sound track, Mulutu Astatke. Sound of the Police, his new album, is a mix he made for that slot, all completed on one turntable using only African records, aided only by a set bank of loops. He liked it enough that he decided to release it officially. Police draws connections from disco to hip-hop to their roots and parallels in various genres of African music. "Adidas to Addis," is from the album, vocals chopped to death, slowed to a medium syrup and flavored with just a single hit of cowbell.

<a href="">Adidas to Addis by Cut Chemist</a>

Cut Chemist, "Adidas to Addis" MP3