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Staff Affections

Every Thursday, FADER style intern Stephanie Osei asks employees and employers at our favorite shops around the world what their most cherished in-store item is at that exact moment. This week, we caught up with Eye Goodies.

Frank, Eye Goodies
For men it would be the Persol 714 with custom tinted blue lenses. The Persol 714 folding sunglasses are quite easily the most classic and sought after Persol ever made. By far, the most known pair of Persol 714's is with custom blue lenses, which the "king of cool" Steve McQueen wore in the 1968 film "The Thomas Crown Affair." To pay tribute to this we take the standard Persol 714 model and insert a set of custom tinted blue lenses. We use extremely high quality french optical lenses from Essilor and a specially formulated blue which is just the perfect shade. This is one of those classic unique pieces that every guy needs to own.

Staff Affections