TECLA is the Ringleader of a New Electric Circus

The idea of guys and girls playing games with each other normally does more bad than good. Can you blame either party though? Sometimes it just takes a while before the real person takes off their mask and shows their true colors. When you listen to TECLA it's as if she's gifted with Superman's X-ray vision to see past the B.S., for the person who real enough to cut the cheese without the feeling of embarrassment. Maybe that's too weird, even for TECLA who puts everything out there from exploring sexuality to the concept of "good hair." We applaud her for her unabashed stream of consciousness. Tonight New York gets to tour her mind when she brings her casual style of electro-pop to the House of Yes. To get you familiar, hit the jump and listen to "Life of Luxury" from her album released this April, and her remix from Jade's IMHC Remix EP.

Click here to purchase Tecla's Strangers in Masks album on Amazon.

<a href="http://tecla.bandcamp.com/track/life-of-luxury">Life Of Luxury by TECLA</a>

<a href="http://jadeismusic.bandcamp.com/track/he-needs-me-tecla">He Needs Me (Tecla) by Jade&lt;3</a>

TECLA is the Ringleader of a New Electric Circus