Peter’s House Music (Peter Schuette of Psychobuildings + Silk Flowers), “The Mirror Has 2 Faces” MP3


Peter Schuette is the wizard behind the keys in Psychobuildings and Silk Flowers and formerly of Soiled Mattress and the Springs. Literally look at the dude he is clearly a wizard. Peter’s House Music is his very straight forward name for the house music he makes at home. House music is maybe not an exact one to one correlation for the creature he’s created on his debut EP, Jump, which features plenty of space guitar and industrial synth leanings. But, yeah, he’s right, it’s also got a ton of 303 or 808 or 404 and like all the drum machines ever put together on your computer program divided by DJ Harvey at 4AM. Make out music for people who use the word cosmic too much. No offense!

Download: Peter’s House Music, “There Mirror Has 2 Faces”

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