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You might glance at the cover art on Mount Kimbie's Crooks and Lovers—a large-rearended woman in a tracksuit strolling down a dilapidated avenue—and wonder what in god's name it could mean in relation to an album of ginger, dubstep-influenced beat experiments. But after exploring every spacious, panting beat, every belchy synth, every sensuous vocal sample, you might conclude the grand derriere'd lady is symbolic of the voluptuousness of the London duo's music: wanton, lush, velvety and satisfying, like lying around with your boo in a pile of pillows with the window open during a rainstorm. If your boo happens to be the lady on the Mount Kimbie album cover, more power to you. Crooks & Lovers is streaming on Fact for two weeks, and is released July 19 in the UK.

Stream: Mount Kimbie's Crooks & Lovers (via Fact)

Stream Mount Kimbie's Entire New Album