Cyriously: What's the Deal with Usher?

Each week Cyrus Kyle Langhorne weighs-in on hot button topics with his sharp commentary. This week's subject: Usher.

It still seems like it was yesterday when I blasted "Miss Jones in the Morning" around 2004 and coming off the heat waves of "Throwback" (Remix) featuring Jadakiss, "Confessions Part 1 & "Part 2," "My Boo" and countless other hits, there was good ol' Miss Jones taking a call from a woman who had an issue with Us-her.

Caller: "I really gotta air him out."
Miss Jones: "Girl, what happened?"
Caller: "He walked right past me and I was saying, 'Usher, Usher! Can I get an autograph! I love you!!!'"
Miss Jones: "Uh-huh."
Caller: "So why would he do his fans like that?"
Miss Jones: "Maybe you weren't the exact 'type' of fan he was looking for."

(laugh) Of course Jones elaborated a bit more after her statement and sparked the underlying talk of Usher secretly being a homosexual. I found it a bit funny, especially since the chemistry he had with Alicia Keys around '04 along with his publicized relationship with Chilli (of TLC). Surely enough I would laugh this Miss Jones statement off much like I did with her saying Beyoncé was really about five years older than her Wikipedia age and how Diddy had tons of secret babies. Well, I suppose that remark was quite true. (laugh)

Anyway, this whole idea of Usher being a gay singer really stood out in the back of my mind. Of course I would never let a sexual preference play any part in my admiration or displeasure in an artist, but I could not get past the idea of him being such a huge superstar and robbing all of these young girls and MILFs of their dreams of somehow snagging him once he has lost all of his fame but still had the royalty money. (laugh) I suppose the curiosity was not "too" extreme when you look at George Michael or a Ricky Martin, as of late, admitting their interest in the same sex.

However, the rumor/gossip mill started going again after his marriage to Tameka Foster. Now while I will not say she is "ugly" or a "WTF, USHER, ARE YOU CRAZY-looking woman," I must admit, I had to wash my face with a bucket of ice water. For starters, this woman back in, what, 2007 when they hooked-up, was nearly a decade older than him, pretty much came out of nowhere and really looked like she was two Patron shots from being checked into a rehab facility. Say what you want about Chilli's age, but at least she has/had the cute-girl face to save her. Wowzers.

And eh, more times than not, the "gay" celebrities tend to hook-up with huge gorgeous, super model-looking women to almost serve as camouflage, right? So either Usher really had feelings for her, which could be believable to the portion of Americans who still believe in a Tooth Fairy, but then again, maybe he thought he could really psych people out. If he were/is gay, by going just the "opposite" of what is done, get something attractive and have people think, "Wow, he must REALLY love her."

So the marriage takes place, most people become divided on what to think, and then, man oh man, a baby? WTF? Okay, at this point it really seemed like any type of reconciliation with Chilli was out the door... seriously. But fast-forward a bit more and he has ANOTHER baby with Tameka Foster. Wow. Really a big moment in entertainment gossip as people really had to crunch their faces up in disgust/confusion. So at this point, the gossip of whether or not Usher was/is gay turned into, is he crazy, right? Most people were betting the first baby could have been accidental, but then when they welcome in a second bundle of joy. Um, huh? OH, and how silly of me to not mention this before: Tameka Foster already had three kids PRIOR to Usher, in separate relationships. Uh-huh after more gossip and rumors spread, the marriage gets tossed out the window in June 2009 with Us-her filing for divorce and then some incidents like her scratching his whip with keys, "EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH TAMEKA FOSTER" spots start emerging, etc.

Well, even after their separation and songs/albums called Raymond V. Raymond, we are back to the drawing board. Sure, Miss Jones may be off the radio in New York City, but I must go back to her sly remarks about Usher's sexual preference. It has been how many years now and the only two women he has been associated with are Chilli and Foster? Hmm... It is actually a bit upsetting to me for all the ladies out there. Honestly, I really believe Usher is straight but he tends to really have a hard time dealing with putting romance first in his life. At this point in his career, he'll never sell like he did. The guy is at 31 and trust me, the race to 40 seems to intensify at this point. So why not take a break from music and search for l-o-v-e?

Quite honestly, I am a bit shocked he has not yet gone down the route of some R&B singers like Ray J or even Brandy—reality TV. Fo' get about your ownership of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Ush, they will only "hope" to make the play-offs now with the departure of LeBron James, you need to get your Uncle Luke on and put a bit of testosterone back into your look and life.

Vh1 Presents: Daddy's Home, Where's Mommy? Premieres September 30th at 9PM

Sounds pretty catchy, right? I see it was a show where Usher gives 14 women an opportunity to battle for his love by showing just how well they know the singer. Maybe a few singing competitions of "Make Me Wanna" and "I Need A Girl" along with the typical jacuzzi talks, etc. Who knows, maybe I am looking too much into his life but I will say this, his image definitely needs to be re-vamped. Maybe he could do the break from music like he did from 1997 to 2001 and really get people interested in him again. Otherwise he is looking more and more like an "OG" who may not really have his "heart" set out on the ladies anymore, no official girlfriend, a very questionable ex-wife, two children, etc. Sorry Ush, but saying you are married to the music is over and done with. Either get laced with some of these Drake video models or just come on out and say what love you're REALLY trying to find in the club.... just saying.

Cyriously: What's the Deal with Usher?