This Facebook Movie Trailer is Really Dramatic + Bonus Radiohead Content

Who would have thought that kid from Wonderland could be such a pale creep. OK, everyone. But who would have thought, in the upcoming The Social Network, his movie star best friend Justin Timberlake would give him the double middle finger? Cry him a river! Poor Mark Zuckerberg, he created Facebook and all he got was a bunch of backstabbing peckerheads mooching off his genius. Or maybe he leeched from them and transformed their nascent concept into a full grown zillion dollar privacy ruiner. Either way, with this chorus of sad kids singing Radiohead as the soundtrack you know something wicked this way comes.

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  1. Laura says:

    Yep… The Social Network trailer is interesting, but…Ha!
    For a big laugh, check out DAVID IPPOLITO’s hilarious new song FACEBOOK IS A STUPID IDIOT on YouTube

    It’s just FUN! (And so true!)

  2. Susan says:

    Better drama is twitter movie. Check this link below

    Twitter movie trailer