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Video: Broken Social Scene, "Meet Me in the Basement"

Broken Social Scene released a fan-made video for the instrumental track "Meet me in the Basement" off their latest album Forgiveness Rock Record, made completely from found footage spliced and juxtaposed together. Originally created in reaction to the recent riots in Toronto at the G20 Summit, in this new context it reads as a more broad criticism of America today. Images quickly flash in time to the music: footage of the BP oil spill next to Yo Gabba Gabba, police brutality next to Justin Bieber, a teenager blowing his brains out next to a girly slap-fight. You get the picture. It actually just feels like flipping through the channels on basic cable at warp speed, which is the most disturbing part. :( (via P4k)

Video: Broken Social Scene, "Meet Me in the Basement"