Cyriously: Don't Blame The-Dream, Is Christina The Real Weaver?

Each week Cyrus Kyle Langhorne weighs-in on hot button topics with his sharp commentary. This week's subjects: Christina Milian and The-Dream.

Blah, blah, blah is all I keep hearing regarding this whole entire Christina Milian and The-Dream situation. Now while I will admit Milian has fallen off much like Katie Holmes ever since she got up with Tom Cruise, when you analyze the situation, I cannot fake it, shorty can get it, even with her decision to give Dream her hand in marriage last year and have a baby with homie. Anyway, I am not here to blog about her beauty or lack there of, instead, I want to step up and speak on Dream. Should the blame really be placed on him for hitting the caribbean with a "fatty girl" and the photographers running to every blog to put up shots? Noo, not at all. And when you read his open-letter to supporters, you really get thrown off:

In My Own Words:

"First I want to thank God for the trials of life, without them we can't know purpose!

I would love to tell the truth as to why my relationship wasn't successful, but today that is between me and Christina. It's easy to say that it’s because of another woman or a new relationship but truthfully, IT’S NOT.

I take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for misleading everyone into thinking everything was fine and okay when we knew problems existed for awhile! I wanted to speak up but we decided it wasn't for anyone to know. I would NEVER intentionally hurt a soul and everyone around me knows that! There was so much going on in me and Christina's personal world that I tried to deal with it as delicately as I could and tried to regain my footing. Instead of being direct in order not to cause even more hurt or hurt someone's feelings, I carried the weight in secret!

I am Human and people fall in and out of Love all the time... This is Life.  Nothing’s promised or perfect, neither am I. I am not proud that I lost something we once had...LOVE! I've always been a Loving Father, Hard Worker, Generous, Stern and Eager to prove myself. My faults are I can be irresponsible and an ass sometimes, but I HAVE NEVER and WILL NEVER be a malicious person or wish harm to anyone, especially those I love or the mother of my child. I'm sorry for the embarrassment to everyone involved! If there's anyone to blame and you can't fathom this happening, please blame me and me alone for not being upfront! Even though we were trying to overcome personal things between us, I was just simply scared and embarrassed to let everyone know we WERE FAILING and HAVE NOW FAILED!

This is not to justify anything, it’s true emotion! It’s a real thing that involves real people!  I've cried about this for months, after interviews, after prayer and I've tried to take my own life at a point because of the failure that was looming.

But I was reminded by my MOTHER that I am not "Superman" and its okay to lose sometimes...

This too shall pass! And everything will be fine!"

~ Terius Nash ~

Okay, back to the blogger at hand, Cyrus (laugh). Now reading these heart-felt words you must wonder, WHAT THE FUNK WENT DOWN?!!? Come on, this guy is talking about almost committing suicide? I mean, was Milian's prized package lethal? If you ask me, YES, it IS.

When you look back at her most recent publicized relationships, she pretty much has something to do with how they all have ended. If you think back, Milian got put on to the spotlight after apparently messing with Nick Cannon around 2003 or so when working on a movie set. They seemed all lovey dovey up until Cannon ended up allegedly cheating. More or less, I recall him saying something about their relationship making him feel like he was in a Christian marriage. (laugh) Wow! So things do not last and she moved on to yet another public industry figure?

Well, with Dre of Cool & Dre, things seemed to be going pretty well here. They were photographed at clubs and I believe Dre even helped produce tracks for her. All in all, they seemed like a dope couple. However, the inevitable happened: Dre got cut off by Milian who said something along the lines conflicting schedules and distance (her in the California, Dre in Florida). Needless to say, Milian was definitely on to the next one after clocking in a three-year relationship with Dre beginning around 2006. So her next move would likely be a non-industry fella, right? Nerp.

The-Dream? Word? Honestly, the buck has to stop here because I am still confused as to why Milian would sort of hop from one big celebrity to the next. Granted, Dre may not be looked at in your eyes as a "huge" star, but given the time Milian dated homie, Cool & Dre records were all over the radio. Guess it only made sense for her to link with Mr. Radio Killa.

Long story short, they link up from 2009 to um, well, 2009 as it turns out their marriage in spring 2009 pretty much ended around fall/winter 2009. And yet they decided to fake like they were still together. Fans were deceived. Gossip sites definitely did not work out in their favor as now everyone is even more confused. Let's see, overly-revealing open letters about contemplated suicide, Christina Milian looking type-funky because she is STILL wearing their wedding ring way after this separation, man, both careers just appear to be out the door.

If you want MY perspective on the situation, Milian is the true villain. While it looks like Dream was the bad guy in this entire situation, I actually have to toss the blame towards home girl. Not only has she gone from Ding Dong to Ding Dong to Twinkie, but she seems to only mess with celebrities who are hot at the moment. Think back, Nick Cannon was the funking man back around 2002-2003, but once his buzz started to die out around 2005/2006 (don't fake, NOBODY messed with Wild N Out). Then, coming off the success of producing Fat Joe records and Game hits around 2005/2006, Milian just so happens to link with Dre? Pwweeeasee. However, let's go ahead and add the cherry to the top by tagging Milian with Dream around 2009 having grown a pretty big profile working on numerous collaborations, songwriting, etc.

I completely believe Milian is the source of this craziness. Not sure how many people follow her on Twitter, but she even kept the buzz or belief of a marriage to Dream alive tweeting things like, "Go out and support my boo's new album" when Love King dropped (and FLOPPED) not too long ago and while I am at it, I also believe Milian carries a curse.

A curse? Yes. A curse. While I may be pushing things a bit far, I must bring up an interesting fact. After Cannon parted ways with Milian, his profile went down and really did not pick back up until he got married to Mariah Carey. Think about it, how do you go from "cheating" on Christina Milian to having to become Carey's little man. Calling him "whipped" is merely an understatement. Oh, what about Dre? Well, let's just say Fat Joe and Game records are definitely not holding as much weight as they did five years ago. And well, for Dream? Aside from his "retirement" album only scanning about 60,000 copies its first-week in stores and heavily declining ever since, well, we can say his career is over in more ways than one.

To all single male celebrities out there, you have been warned. Avoid Milian at all costs.

Cyriously: Don't Blame The-Dream, Is Christina The Real Weaver?