Juicy J, Project Pat and V Slash, “Hoe Pulla” MP3


Juicy J and Project Pat continue to release album-ready songs on mixtapes that we either almost miss or don’t ever see. It’s kind of crazy that they’re putting out this much music and operating at this level of quality on the low—this stuff could be on actual, purchasable albums! In the past we’ve lamented Three 6′s time on Adventures in Hollyhood as the moment that they lost the magic that made them great (to be fair Pat never really lost it), but maybe it actually put them in the right headspace and got them back into what they do best, which is hang out in front of abandoned houses and alternate between towering goth rap and warm soul samples.

Download: Juicy J, Project Pat and V Slash, “Hoe Pulla” (via Traps n Trunks)

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